Stool Series 1


400*400*610 (mm) 

Alcantara, Metal

Stool Series 1 _ Hoop stool

While it is important that furniture is practical, it is just as important that it makes a statement as an interior object. At JURAN, we have just released “Stool Series” that is designed to complement with the premium life style with emphasis on minimalism, using basic vocabularies of shapes, so it may harmonize with any shapes of environment and space. Seated on the stool, you can easily lean backward and to the side. With its impractical design, the stool creates sophisticated and unique vibe that goes for timeless. We are offering this characterful stools in five colours from which you may make choice of your liking. They are handmade at every stage of production, from the welded frame to the final touches.


Material: Seat_Alcantara, Legs_Metal