Flow series


Table - 500*500*300 (mm) / Sitting cushion - 500*500*20 (mm)

Ash wood, Felt

Nowadays, there have been a lot of changes to the dwelling patterns and interior space of Korea. However, taking off the shoe inside the house and a sitting culture still exists. Nevertheless, due to the using of Western furniture, Korean people tend to have unnecessary and unbalanced lifestyle. I reinterpreted the traditional furniture and siting culture into a modernistic design factor. This module furniture has multi-functional features of being divided into a cushion, sedentary table and a small rug that are essential for sitting culture from one furniture. The table was created low to fit the sedentary lifestyle and the form has referenced the traditional sedentary table. The method of using the cushion and piling it up in layers also was reproduced in this furniture. When the cushions are not in use, it can be piled on the table and fixated. And the cushions can be sedentary chair using a connecting device.