Log stool


440*330*370 (mm)

Log, Clothes

The motive of work is LOG. I remember the time when I climbed mountains with mom and dad. We would watch the scenes sitting on a log. It was comfortable to sit on unlike man-made stool .

The final procedure was to cut into the cross section of the tree and insert rolled clothes into grooves circling the tree like annual lines. In the process, unexpected dilemma took place. I had to cut into the surface of cross section of log repeatedly as deep as 5mm at a time at maximum. But, when the grooves reached 3cm deep into the cross section, I realized tha, the surface can fall down onto grooves. Thus, I stopped cutting into the tree, and had to cut away part of rolled clothes to fill the grroves. It was my mistake to start the work without experimenting with the job beforehand. I failed to fill the log with clothes.