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Furniture & Product design brand, JURAN, named after designer’s, was established in May 2017. The distinctive of this brand is minimalist, unique design and unique sensibility. JURAN released Stool Series with brand launching to show it. Recently, there are growing numbers of people who decorate and show their own homes on social networks. This trend shows that furniture are not only considered practical item, but also part of object in interior. What make JURAN's design stand out are exquisite detail, finish and high quality materials. From now on, the brand will continue to show interior goods and design furniture.



Originally from South Korea, Juran Hwang is a furniture and product designer. 

Juran's work focuses on design research using various materials. She conducted diverse experiments by using timber, cloth, marble and felt in the material. She is forming her style by showing and testing her new works every time. Most of her works give off her unique charm in an uncluttered atmosphere. They are unpredictable and lead a person to expect. 

In 2015 she graduated with a master degree in Product and Space design from a Kingston university in London.

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